2018 Champion: Flint Boozers

They deserved it.

We have a new fantasy champion.

Flint Boozers won their first fantasy championship by narrowly defeating PP2020, 7-4, on Sunday, March 31. Flint Boozers is the league’s fifth different champion in the last five years.

Prior to this season, Flint Boozers never finished higher than sixth in the standings but this year was special.

Led by their big four — Stephen Curry, D’Angelo Russell, Nikola Vucevic, and Andre Drummond — Flint Boozers was a team that could compete in every category, every week. They played big for most of the season but were still able to compete in guard categories like three-pointers made (17-5 in head-to-head), three-point percentage (13-9), and assists (11-11) because of Curry and Russell’s insane volume of output. The play-making and rebounding abilities of Pascal Siakam and Tobias Harris neatly connected the bridge between the guards and centers.

Overall, Flint Boozers is the greatest rebounding team in the history of the league. They finished a perfect 22-0 in rebounds (head-to-head) and own the record for most rebounds in a week and in a single season.

Flint Boozers had their share of adversity as well. They had to overcome sub-par seasons from draftees Gary Harris (4th round), Gordon Hayward (6th round), and Lonzo Ball (8th round); an injury to Wendell Carter Jr. (9th round); and whatever the hell happened to Markelle Fultz (10th round).

Management was also hasty early in the season as they gave up on Marvin Bagley III (who they picked back up during the playoff run) and Jerami Grant much too early in the season.

But each error was countered with masterful management of the waiver wire. Masterful in its eventual outcome but it didn’t appear so graceful early on as exemplified by the frantic plays for the Morris twins during the first week of the season.

But the end result of this frenzy was Pascal (or “Spicy P” as they call him in Toronto), a waiver wire pick-up that will finish the season ranked in the top-50. Flint Boozers got better as the season went on as timely late-season pick-ups of Jonas Valanciunas and Larry Nance Jr. helped accentuate the team’s strengths while not glorifying its few weaknesses.

Flint Boozers had the most balanced and productive team from the beginning of the season to the end. They deserved to win this year based on their performance on draft day and throughout the season.

“What a season! It was a crazy final week and I seriously thought PP2020 had me on Sunday night,” said Flint Boozers. “We have a hell of a league that competes every week and I’m looking forward to trying to recapture the championship next year.”

A lofty goal from the champ but it’s worth noting that no team has ever won back-to-back championships in our league. Enjoy being on top of the world, Flint Boozers … until next year.